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Secret #1: Everything you thought you wouldn't like about rideshare
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Secret #2: The 6 things you must do for every passenger
It will make for a great ride for them and increase your satisfaction, your ratings and yes your tips too
Secret #3: The 6 apps you must have to be successful
It's all explained in the seminar and you'll have more fun and make more money
Tom Presson
Your Ride Share Helper
About The Speaker:
Tom Presson has been an Uber and Lyft driver for 3 years. He has given over a thousand rides and has a 4.96 Star rating out of five. He has received over 600 5 Star ratings. These are some of the comments from his passengers:

"Thanks for the great ride! Nice Guy, snacks and water in the back and even opened the door for me!"

"Thanks for letting me know how to get started driving and giving me your tips for being a successful, amazing driver!"

"The best Uber Driver ever!"

"Perfect amount of conversation! Great Drive!"

"Wonderful Gentleman. Great conversation."

"Thank you for a wonderful morning ride!"

"One of the best Uber Drivers I've ever had"

"Thank you Thomas for taking the time to get the dropoff right!"

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